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Hi, my name is Laura thank you for taking the time to have a look at my website.


I have always had an affinity for animals and I have especially loved training and taking care of dogs. For the past 18 year’s I have trained all my dogs to competitive level agility, and have taught others to do the same for over 10 years.


By 2014 I wanted to further develop my dog training skills and started looking for an appropriate course. There are so many different types of courses available and it was important to me that I chose a course that was recognised, had a strong grounding in modern behavioural science and advocated modern positive reinforcement training methods. I eventually chose to apply to the Karen Pryor Professional Dog Trainer Programme, and was delighted to pass with distinction in 2015.


Why Choose a Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner?

Karen Pryor is an internationally renowned behavioural biologist who is a founder and leading supporter of ‘clicker training’ and positive training methods. She is an author of several well-known books on animal training including ‘Don’t Shoot the Dog’.

Her Dog Trainer Professional Program, trains and supports students around the globe through a combination on on-line learning and hands on training. Students are continually assessed throughout the course and take final examinations to demonstrate;


  • Proficiency in clicker training and using positive training techniques, with both clients and their pets.
  • Educated in animal behaviour and science based training methods.
  • Can develop tailor made training programmes to help their clients meet their training goals.
  • Are fully committed to continuing their education to ensure that the training their clients receive is based on the latest research and technology available.

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