Click 4 Paws 2016 Price List

Training / Behaviour Management = £40.00 Per hour


Initial consultations are usually 2 hours, depending upon the complexity of the case, further lessons are usually 1 hour each.


The following discounts available when booking our one-to-one training packages:


3 hours = £115.00

5 hours = £180.00

8 hours = £280.00


For your first one on one training session you will recieve a free clicker, and after the consultation you will also receive a written follow up covering the training session and training plan*.


Please Note

Additional consultation/training time spent with you/your pet above the alotted time will be charged pro-rata @£10 per 15 minutes.


*If you desire written follow up notes / training plans after each session these are available at £15.00 each.



For custom made training packages for you and your pet, please contact Click 4 Paws.




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