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There are a wide variety of Dog Trainers employing varying methods and knowing who to recommend your clients to can be challenging. By recommending your clients to a Karen Prior Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP) you can be assured of a professional who has proven their training skills at the highest level. Karen Prior Certified Training Partners are committed to using kind effective methods, with solid foundations based on behaviour understanding. Laura brings a modern scientific approach that is balanced with empathy and kindness to teaching both her animal and human learners.


At Click 4 Paws we are dedicated to helping enhance the relationships between our clients and their pets, and improving the behaviours that our clients would like to see more of. However, at Click 4 Paws we firmly believe that training should not just be about problem solving, there is so much more we can do to strengthen the human animal bond to promote mutual understanding. Just some of the training services that we offer:


Private Pet Teaching Sessions:


One on One Sessions: Private training sessions, usually in-home, to address behaviours which concern your clients.



Puppy Starter Programme; Help your clients puppy's become the family pet they want right from the start. This is an in-home programme aimed at puppies before they have completed their inoculations, to help them through those first critical weeks at home.



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