‘Every behaviour is for a reason, and there is a reason for every behaviour’ Dr Susan Friedman


We all want to have a fulfilling, fun and happy relationship with our dogs, but sometimes things don’t work out as we would like. There are many reasons why we may experience behaviour problems, and this can be very difficult and a frustrating time for all involved.


Dogs are great at assimilating into our lives, but they are not born automatically knowing what we as 'humans' want from them or how ‘their human’ wants them to behave, they are born knowing how to do what comes naturally to them as a dog.  What ‘we’ want them to do or how ‘we’ want them to act may be quite unnatural to them. Our pets think and act very differently to us and what is their natural given response to a given situation may cause embarrassment, frustration, anxiety or annoyance to 'us' their owners.


By using up-to-date, kind training methods, Click 4 Paws can help you to better understand your dog, teach you and your dog to communicate more effectively, design training plans to replace undesired behaviours with ones that you would prefer. We will help you to bring the best out in your pet, and you may be surprised how quickly you can progress and achieve together. Here are just some of the reasons why you may choose to use Click 4 Paws help in one-to-one training sessions:

  • Manners; no recall (not coming when called), jumping up, counter surfing, attention seeking, pulling on lead etc.
  • Crate training, for in home or for travel etc.
  • House soiling problems.
  • Any behaviour that worries you, that you would like to work on or understand better.
  • Pre-class skills, helping you and your dog to learn the skills that you need in preparation for joining group classes.


Sometimes dogs can suffer from more serious problems, which inevitably impacts on theirs and your quality of life together. Some of these behaviours may appear as fear, phobias, appearing anxious and distressed, aggression or resource guarding. Click 4 Paws can help you work on specific behaviour problems, sometimes in collaboration with your veterinary practice (depending upon the behaviour and the referral route), we will work on developing a training and management plan to help your dog to learn to relax and be able to make good choices.


Initial consultation will take approx. 2 hours, during which we will;

  • Discuss your concerns
  • Take a full history
  • Design an initial training plan
  • Start training
  • You will also receive a written detailed training plan covering what was discussed during the initial training session within 1 working week.

Subsequent sessions are 1 hour each. Training sessions will usually take place at your house to ensure your pet is as relaxed and comfortable as possible, and to allow us to understand the home situation. However, as training progresses, sometimes by mutual agreement, we may meet outside e.g. an outside space, groomer etc.


As a rule, we at Click 4 Paws will demonstrate and then teach you how to work successfully with your dog.  However there may be occasional instances where Click 4 Paws may need to work more intensively with your dog and then transfer the skills to you.


To get started please contact us for further details about any of your pets behaviour issues, or any aspect of our one-to-one programmes. 

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