Day Training


We know that there are unexpected or unplanned things that can happen – that’s life, and sometimes you can’t always be there all the time for your dog. To help you we at Click 4 Paws offer day training options.


As with our other one-to-one training services, we start with an initial consultation in your home. We will take a detailed history so that we thoroughly understand your needs, and then formulate a training or behaviour modification plan. We can then start to work with your pet on a one-to-one basis even if you cannot be present at all the lessons. At regular intervals we can meet up to discuss what your pet’s progress and to ‘hand over’ the information and skills you need to be able to work successfully with your dog.


This service can be offered where you need it to fit in with your lifestyle, e.g. in your home, whilst your dog is in kennels, at day care, with your dog walker, etc.


Please contact Click 4 Paws for more details of this service.

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