Private Pet Teaching Sessions 

One to One Pet Teaching

There are many reasons why you may feel that choosing privately consult with Click 4 Paws is the best option for you. With a private consultation you and your pet will get our undivided attention and a personalised training plan. Our one to one training sessions use clicker training and the fundemental principles of behaviour change to help you attain your training goals.

Our one to one training services cover a wide range of topics, from, basic manners and socialisation, to fun games, focus foundations for dog sports, behaviour change, from puppies to golden oldies, desensitisation and husbandry care, our aim at Click 4 Paws is to help you acheive success. 

Puppy Start Right

This is a series of 2 or more private in-home lessons, designed to help you start out on the right foot with your new puppy. This service is designed to fill the gap between getting a puppy and when we can start to take them out an about. For first time owners especially this can be a daunting time. These lessons are designed to help you and your puppy so that your relationsip flourises from the beginning.

Day Training

We know that there are things that can happen in life that you did not expect, and you can't always be there all the time for your dog. To help you, we at Click 4 Paws offer day training options for your dog. (read more)

Clicker Tutorials

Take your clicker skills and knowledge to the next level with a clicker tutorial, this is available for one-to-one, or for groups/clubs who want to understand more about clicker training. Develop and try out your skills using training games that will help you to truly see training from your animals perspective!

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